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Instructor: Dr. Roberto Aguilera

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Since presenting his first industry course in Irving, Texas in 1980, Dr. Aguilera's short course on naturally fractured reservoirs has become very successful all over the world. The instructor's philosophy is simple. He teaches practical techniques that he uses in his consulting activities worldwide and in the evaluation of Servipetrol's oil and gas properties in naturally fractured reservoirs.

Naturally fractured reservoirs hold large hydrocarbon reserves and represent potentially attractive economic targets in exploratory ventures. Evaluation techniques in these reservoirs, however, have lagged far behind the advanced technology applied to conventional reservoirs.

The course described herein provides a modern, unique and successfully tested approach to the evaluation of naturally fractured reservoirs and is designed specifically for the reservoir geologist, log analyst, reservoir engineer, and production engineer working or interested in this field.

Approximately 85 percent of the course is devoted to the relationship between geology, petrophysics, well testing and primary-secondary recovery of these reservoirs. New techniques for determination of flow units developed recently by the instructor will be covered in class.

In addition, several other topics dealing with completion methods, tight gas sands, fractured shales, coalbed methane and case histories will be reviewed.

Work sessions will be used throughout the course to give the participants examples that may be readily adapted to suit their own particular requirements.

Attendees will receive copies of a manual prepared by Dr. Roberto Aguilera. Attendees are expected to bring hand calculators to optimize the problem sessions.

Classes will be conducted daily from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. The course will finish on Friday at noon.


The Calgary courses will be held at the Ramada Hotel, 708-8th Ave. S.W., Calgary, Alberta, T2P 1H2, Phone (403) 263-7600, Fax (403) 237-6127.


This course can be presented in its entirety in-house to interested groups or companies anywhere in the world in English or Spanish.  Click here for list of organizations that have previously registered.

For registration, contact:

Dr. Roberto Aguilera

Servipetrol Ltd.

903 - 19th Avenue SW,  Suite 502

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2T 0H8

Ph: (403)266-2535, Fax: (403)264-8297