This PC program is designed for evaluation of well logs in naturally fractured reservoirs with dual and triple porosity behavior. The techniques incorporated in the FCL allow calculation of matrix and fracture porosity, matrix and fracture water saturation, net pay, hydrocarbons-in-place in matrix and fractures, and estimates of recovery. In addition, under favorable conditions, it is possible to determine flow units, rock fabric, pore throat aperture, permeability, capillary pressure, and height above the free water table. The techniques were published recently by Dr. Roberto Aguilera in leading scientific journals of the oil and gas industry.

Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Software Used in Servipetrol's Consulting Activities

This PC program is designed to assist in the identification and quantification of reservoirs with single, dual or triple-porosity behavior. The program performs both conventional and type curve analysis in wells producing one, two or three phases. Some of the reservoir properties extracted from WELLTEST-NFR include effective fracture permeability to each flowing phase, fracture porosity and fracture spacing, in addition to usually estimated parameters such as skin, radius of investigation, extrapolated pressure and average reservoir pressure.

This PC program is designed for gas deliverability analysis using Cullender's equation or the laminar-inertial-turbulent (LIT) equation. Inflow performance relationship (IPR) curves can be generated for the simplified or LIT analyses. The test conditions include complete flow sequence with extended flow, single point flow only and no extended flow. Deliverability is determined at the sandface or at wellhead. GASDEL can be applied to conventional tests, isochronal tests and modified isochronal tests.

This PC program is designed for transient pressure analysis of horizontal wells in anisotropic reservoirs with single or dual porosity behavior. It can be used to analyze drawdown and buildup tests in infinite or semi-infinite reservoirs limited by sealed parallel boundaries.

This PC program allows type curve match evaluation of production decline curves in reservoirs with single and dual-porosity behavior. The well can be hydraulically fractured. The evaluation allows estimates of transmissibility, drainage area and recoveries. Crossplots using Arps’ equations are also included.

This is a robust PC program developed by Dyad Engineering. The program permits full 3D simulation of multiphase flow in hydrocarbon and geothermal reservoirs. The simulator can operate in four main modes: black oil, multi-component, thermal and geothermal. All of these modes can be combined with dual porosity. The program can also be used for detailed well test analysis.

Well Test Analysis (WELLTEST-NFR)

Horizontal Well Test Analysis (WELLHOR)

Fracture Completion Log (FCL)

Gas Deliverability Analysis (GASDEL)

Production Decline Analysis (DECLINE-NFR)

Reservoir Simulation (TETRAD)